Watch one of the largest battles in Eve’s history unfold


The Battle of Asakai, is what they’re calling it. The use of the definite article should give you some idea as to the scale and import of the fisticuffs that exploded for a couple of hours across Eve lowsec space on Saturday, which soon escalated to include more than 3000 players.

Would you like to see what it looked like? Of course you would.

The conflict broke out between members of Reddit’s Honey Badger Coalition and Something Awful’s Clusterfuck Coalition, but soon drew in most of the game’s major corporations.

A months-long cold war between HBC and CFC was momentarily thawed thanks to an assault by HBC’s Drunk’n’Disorderly on a small station in the Asakai system, which belonged to CFC members the Liandri Covenant.

While the Covenant suffered an early defeat at the hands of DnD ships and warped to safer space, CFC allies arrived in the form of a Goonswarm fleet to tackle the intruders. Reinforcements continued to pour in on either side, filling local chat with more than 2,800 players.

The Honey Badgers emerged marginally on top, but the loss of several capital and titan class ships was a heavy cost for both sides to pay. And we mean pay: early estimates suggest HBC lost around $1000 in downed vessels, while CFC suffered damages equivalent to about $17,500.

CFC’s diplomatic position remains unchanged, according to The Mittani. A longer-term conflict is unlikely to emerge from this weekend’s events.

Still. What a sight, eh? Here’s another view of the action, courtesy of The Mittani:

Looks a bit like Atom Zombie Smasher, doesn’t it? Similar death count, I’d wager.Lovely.