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Win an EVE Source book by spinning us a yarn

EVE Source book competition

The EVE universe is pretty big. Sure, a lot of it is nearly empty space filled only with floating space debris and mineral rich asteroids, but that black void is punctuated with thriving worlds, gargantuan space stations and swarms of ships going about their business like faster than light insects. 

So the EVE Source book, which covers the history and lore of the universe with art and new information regarding the various factions and worlds is also pretty big. A 200 page tome, in fact. And we’ve got one to give away to our European readers. It’s weighing down our coffee table, so you’d be doing us a favour. Find out how you can get your grubby mitts on it below.

Undoubtedly the EVE Source book is filled with history, but CCP isn’t quite omniscient – surely they are tales and historical moments that the developer doesn’t know about. Perhaps you’ve even been involved in one such event.

Let us know about your most memorable moment in EVE Online in the comments; something you think should be in the source book even if it isn’t. Perhaps winning a free copy of it will soften the blow of not being part of official history.

We’ll pick our favourite on Friday.