Everspace to land on Windows 10 and Steam simultaneously next year


Everspace, the successfully crowdfunded roguelike space shooter from Rockfish Games, has been given the green light to simultaneously launch on Steam and Windows 10 via the Windows Store next year.

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Making a space sim worthy of standing out from the ever-burgeoning crowd nowadays is no easy feat. Space, it seems, has become a genre and not merely the final frontier. Everspace, the latest dogfight ‘em up to join the race, has eschewed the realism found in other successful series – such as Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen – opting instead for good old fashioned fun.

It’s also really rather pretty – something Rockfish co-founder Michael Shade relayed to Jeremy in a recent interview. “With a blink of the eye, you see a planet in the distance, you click on it, and bang, you’re there,” said Shade. “We know that’s not the reality, but our game’s not about reality. Our game’s about fun.”

Everspace accrued a whopping €420,252 during its Kickstarter campaign last month, almost double its €225,000 ask. Here’s how the project was described to backers: “The goal of the game may sound simple: reach your destination. However, with every new attempt you will face all new challenges as the route to your destination and the obstacles you must overcome vary each time you play.”

Take a look at Everspace’s Kickstarter video for a better sense of this in action:

Everspace is due Q4 2016.

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