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Sea of Thieves devs’ Everwild “is a real mess”, reportedly

Everwild may be "a real mess" according to a new rumour, despite its rebooted development.

Everwild, the next game from Sea of Thieves studio Rare, is reportedly 'a real mess'

It’s looking basically certain that Everwild – the next game from Sea of Thieves developer Rare – has suffered from a troubled development since it was announced all the way back in 2019. It’s been rebooted once, apparently, and a new rumour suggests that Everwild is “a real mess” and even its developers “don’t really know what’s going on”.

As mentioned, Everwild was announced back in X019 in November 2019 with a slightly nebulous trailer showing a cel-shaded world – with obvious influence from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon, and James Cameron’s Avatar. Rare admitted the game was “still early in development”, and an update in July 2020 sounded promising, but a report in January 2021 suggested that Everwild had been completely rebooted from scratch – as well as lacking “clear direction for the title”.

Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat was one of the journalists backing that report, and now in the latest XboxEra podcast he says that Everwild “is a real mess” and that “the people working on that game don’t really know what’s going on with it, that’s how much of a mess it is right now.”

“They’ve rebooted that thing and they don’t know exactly what the state of it really is in terms of, like, what they expected to be,” Grubb says. “They are still figuring that out and it’s a mess.” Co-host Nick adds that he’d “definitely heard that things have changed a lot” and when he’d first heard about it, he’d heard “it could potentially sneak in as a launch title for the Xbox Series X, that’s how much it’s changed.”

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The report from January 2021 suggested that a release date for Everwild was being targeted for 2024 by Rare, but even that seems optimistic if these reports are accurate. Fortunately, Sea of Thieves continues to go from strength to strength with over 25 million players sailing those waters to date – so Everwild can take its time, at least.