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Every single second in Far Cry 4 is a story say Ubisoft

Far Cry 4 helicopter

Far Cry 4 was recently revealed to be a thing, but other than a couple of box artwork shots we’d seen nothing of the game so far. Ubisoft broke that footage silence with their E3 conference opener, where they showed off the first five minutes of the game. 

Lacking in any real ‘gameplay’, the cutscene was nonetheless remarkably pretty and filled with the series milestones we’ve come to love: armed checkpoint patrols, chunky shooters, and a deranged villain with superb hair. 

Starting on a rickety bus, your character is provided with a fraudulent passport to help them bypass border control. Of course, you know Far Cry better than that. False documents don’t stop vigilant military-types, and the bus is promptly riddled with bullets. Things seem to be going south, but luckily the pink-suited villain of the game swoops in with his helicopter to save the day. Yes, it appears that Far Cry 4’s villain already knows your protagonist, and intimately enough to warrant a quick selfie.

“After that, you’re fucked!” joked the game’s creative director Dan Hay. We hope he’s joking. We hope what he really means is “After that is a huge mountain range to explore, with great hunting and skinning opportunities, drug experimentation, and free-form murder”. We’d guess that’s probably true, since Hay went on to say “Every single second is a story”. Not that being fucked isn’t a story, but open-world hunting presents more narrative opportunities than instant ruin.

Far Cry 4 releases November 18th.