Everybody panic: Steam is different


Help. The Steam beta client is an altered beast today, in a hundred small ways. It’s disorientating, as if somebody has changed the colour of all our toothbrushes, or relocated the cereal cupboard an inch to the left. Let’s try and get our bearings, shall we?

It’s now possible to hide games from your Library – a tool for those who would prefer to pretend they never did buy Sacred 3. To do that, you’ll want to head to the Set Categories menu for the offending game and tick the appropriate box.

Hidden games won’t show up in library filters – but they will still be playable, and appear on your profile. So there’s no getting away from the embarrassment.

Valve say they’ve simplified control and navigation in the Steam client, and “neutralised” its colour palette to bring it closer to the aesthetic of Steam’s site and Big Picture mode.

Here’s what we’ve noticed on that front so far:-

  • The play button’s gone green. If you don’t like that, better not to hover over it – it only gets greener
  • Mid-update games are highlighted in electric blue in the Library, as if downloaded files are coursing through the curve of each letter
  • A vague, blue gradient at the very top of the Steam client and its menus now interrupts the uniform charcoal grey
  • Lots of headings that weren’t blue are now blue
  • The Settings sub-menus are also blue
  • Everything is blue, and there’s nothing we can do

Have you lot spotted anything else?