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Ex Rockstar developers’ new game, Everywhere, launches builders beta

Everywhere, the upcoming game from former Rockstar developers which promises to let players build and do anything, now has a builders beta.

a purple person holding a huge laser rifle

Since Garry’s Mod there have always been games that let you build levels to share with other players. Some come and go, like Little Big Planet and Dreams, and few have ever looked as comprehensive as Everywhere. This upcoming game from some former Rockstar developers features its own game creation system to allow you to make and share levels with everyone, everywhere. Well, everywhere there’s internet. A builders beta has just been launched and you can sign up for it now.

Everywhere is an MMO game that lets players run rampant around the city of Utropia and its four surrounding biomes. The unique selling point is that there are four game modes, known as districts, each with their own theme. Players can create and share their own experiences within each of them, just like Roblox, only bigger and with more lasers. Outside of the city, which is a safe zone, the other four biomes will provide PvE and PvP experiences for everyone.

The four districts are: racing, entertainment, combat, and collection. These focus on racetracks, an art gallery, a third-person shooter mode, and accessing and buying player-made content, respectively.

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The builders beta trailer shows characters in the game competing in Fall Guys-esque obstacle courses involving lasers that will disintegrate you on contact, races in the sky, through the desert and water, and a third-person shooter mode with bouncing energy weapons.

You can sign up to the Everywhere builders beta on its website right now.

We don’t have an Everywhere release date just yet, so while you wait, you can check out plenty of multiplayer games on Steam. There are also a lot of online games you can play that don’t require a download at all.

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