Evil Dead: The Game is bringing back more of the series’ original actors

Evil Dead's voice cast is apparently expanding to include several classic actors from the original film.

Evil Dead: The Game's voice cast has added a few more classic series actors

Evil Dead: The Game is apparently bringing back a few more of the original actors from the classic 1981 movie. According to series star Bruce Campbell, the actors behind The Evil Dead’s Cheryl Williams and Scotty are returning to voice their characters in the game – over 40 years later.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of The Evil Dead, the original movie in the horror franchise directed by Sam Raimi (Spider-Man, Doctor Strange 2). While sadly the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game was forced to miss its release in 2021 due to various reasons, it’ll apparently be bringing back multiple classic actors from the series’ 40-year history.

Leading man Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams was always on board – he accidentally announced the game early, after all – and it’s been previously confirmed that both Ray Santiago (Pablo Bolivar) and Dana DeLorenzo (Kelly Maxwell) from the recent Ash vs Evil Dead TV series would be reprising their roles too. Now it seems like two more actors from the original 1981 movie are coming back too.

In an interview with The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley, Bruce Campbell seemingly confirms that Richard DeManincor (Scotty) and Ellen Sandweiss (Ash’s sister Cheryl Williams, who also appeared in Ash vs Evil Dead) are returning to reprise their roles. “It just gives the game that much more street cred instead of some guy who’s trying to sound like somebody else but always sounds bogus,” says Campbell. “That’s how much we love our fans is that, you know, you go that extra mile for them so that they’ll shut up!”

While Evil Dead: The Game will be primarily multiplayer-focused in a Left 4 Dead/Dead By Daylight-style, chief creative officer Tim Willits in the same interview says there will be “a couple of side missions” that can be played single-player – and we confirmed with developer Saber Interactive that the multiplayer side will definitely be playable solo with bots, at the very least.

Evil Dead: The Game releases in February 2022.