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Evolve due out on October 21st; aliens not too happy

Evolve release date

Turtle Rock’s four against one multiplayer shooter Evolve now has an official release date. The hunters versus alien romp is due out on October 21st, publisher 2K announced today. It’s not a very long wait compared to the length of time it would take to actually get to another planet to hunt down a ferocious alien monster.

Evolve chucks four hunters with different classes onto an alien world to slay a nasty alien beasty so humans can colonise a new rock. The humans have guns, healing tech, shields and all manner of gadgets, but their prey has its own nasty skills, depending on the alien in question. There are multiple creatures to choose from.

The Goliath, the only beast we’ve seen, is a bruiser, and when he’s not nibbling on the fauna, he’s leaping off ledges and punching humans or ripping out their throats.

If you pre-order Evolve, you’ll get the Monster Expansion Pack, which includes a new skin for the Goliath and a yet unannounced monster that’ll be revealed after launch.

Take a look at Steve’s preview and find out what he made of the game of stalking and then being eaten and slowly digested by an alien lifeform.

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