Evolve demonstrates new “Wraith” monster with an interactive trailer

Evolve Wraith

What’s that coming over the hill!? Yes, it’s a monster; a new monster, for Turtle Rock Studio’s upcoming monster-hunting Evolve game. Evolve’s repertoire of fiendish bad guys grows a little bit bigger with the introduction of the Wraith. She’s a slippery one – favouring quick and deadly attacks, but sacrificing armour and health to do so.

If you want to see it in action, Turtle Rock have recorded an entire match with the Waith in play; it’s interactive too, meaning you can switch between the points of view of each player. We’ve got it below the break if you want a quick peak. Don’t worry, she doesn’t bite.

Don’t forget that this trailer is interactive. To take advantage of it, make sure you turn on “annotations” in the options, which will enable you to select between each player’s point of view. Also – don’t forget to switch it to 720p + for some sweet 60FPS action.

When you’re being hunted by four ironclad combat veterans, being able to turn invisible is definitely a helpful asset. The Wraith will be able to enter the shadows at will, giving her an opportunity to evade the hunters, and in turn, hunt them. Speaking of evasion, she can also summon a decoy version of herself to confuse the hunters, and hopefully draw off some of their biggest attacks. When she’s on the offensive, she can snatch up and abduct stragglers, before inflicting a series of rapid slashes with her razor sharp scythe-arms.

What do you think of the Wraith?