Evolve is going free for the weekend with all DLC

Evolve 1.1

If you’ve yet to pick up Evolve but have some curiosity harboured for the 4-v-1 monster hunting shooter, then you’ll want to jump in on the free weekend that’s taking place this week. It’s rather generous: the entire of Evolve will be free to play, including the powerful Goliath monster and the DLC hunters

The weekend will offer four monsters, eighteen hunters, five modes, and nineteen maps. Access to the DLC items will be limited to certain days. Season One DLC will be available on September 4th at 12am PT, while Season 2 items will be available on September 5th at 12:01 am PT.

Any progress you make in Evolve’s free weekend can be kept if you decide to buy the game.

I reviewed Evolve at launch, and found its novelty interesting and generally well put together. But despite giving it a good score, it’s been hard to recommend recently since the game’s player numbers seem to have nosedived. Perhaps this free weekend can boost interest in the game once more.

Thanks, IGN.