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Evolve’s “Xbox One exclusive” alpha is coming to PC a day later

Evolve alpha

Turtle Rock and their publisher friends at 2K have today announced that the Evolve alpha will indeed be coming to PC on October 31st, one day after launching exclusively on Xbox One. Access to the remarkably fun, four-versus-one monster hunting co-op shooter will available for anybody who pre-orders the game, and concludes on November 2nd. That’s a full weekend of tracking and snaring and hiding and seeking.

Hooray for the slow erosion of anti-consumer notions of platform exclusivity! Boo for the forgotten concept of alpha and beta releases being anything other than marketing tools! Woo! Ahhh! Gahhh.

The finished version of Evolve launches in February 2015, with even more beta access promised in January 2015 for those who pre-order. (That beta access, warns Chris Ashton of Turtle Rock, will also be “Xbox exclusive”, but considering how their claims that this alpha would be exclusive to Xbox resulted in it hardly being exclusive to Xbox at all, you can probably take that promise of future Xbox exclusivity with an Xbox-sized pinch of salt.)

A limited number of non pre-ordering players can register on the Evolve website for a chance to win an invite to participate in the alpha, by using this code:11197-10708-89072

We’ve no idea where that code came from, but at the time of writing it works. And isn’t that really all that matters?

Thanks IGN.