Have you seen it? Evolve trailer shows off the Wraith, an invisible boss monster

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Turtle Rock’s revealed the third of Evolve’s monsters. A huge slithering beast, the Wraith sets itself apart from its brethren by being able to turn invisible at the click of its scaly talons. Not only can the creature disappear from sight, it has the power to conjure up a spectral version of itself to distract its hunters.

You can see it at work on the new trailer.

The first two monsters Turtle Rock revealed, the great hulking Goliath and the electrically charged Kraken, both looked intimidating but also seemed too simple to play. The Goliath’s strength comes from its massive health bar, meaning it can stay in a fight with its hunters, smashing at them with its big arms. The Kraken, while weaker, doesn’t seem to have anything that would make it too exciting to play or play against.

The Wraith is different.

Clever players will be able to use the Wraith’s invisibility to outmanoeuvre and get the jump on their would-be killers.

You can see a much longer video of the Wraith in battle in this interactive trailer: