The new Evolve trailer reveals the perils of being an exterminator in the future

evolve intro video trailer turtle rock 2k games release date

We’re running towards a future filled with the bigger and better. Televisions are getting bigger with each year and the technology we run them with is getting better. The cities we live in are growing bigger and the infrastructure that webs them together is getting better. People around the world are getting bigger and the healthcare system that deals with their myriad of weight-related problems is getting better. What no one is saying, what the people in the know are keeping quiet about is that it’s not just us who are getting bigger and better. 

Evolve is a game that pits you and three friends against aliens who have grown much bigger and developed organic weapons that make them much better. 

Turtle Rock’s released a trailer which shows the day in the life of the exterminators sent out to fight these bigger, better beasts.

The video is actually the intro video for Evolve:

The main advances in exterminator technology are those fancy jumpsuits and shield systems. Though the team in the video are clearly traditionalists, using the tools of the exterminators of old – submachine guns and flamethrowers.

It’s good to see the old ways are best. I mean, even in Evolve’s fancy future where spaceships can fly exterminators across the galaxy to take care of pests, they’re still using bug bombs to clear an infestation. Granted the bug bombs are ordnance dropped in from orbit with enough power to level Buckingham Palace.

Evolve’s release date is set for February 10. You’ll be able to strap on your very own exterminator’s sniper rifle then.