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Ex-Witcher 3 developers form new UK studio Wickerman Games

Wickerman Games

Former CD Projekt Red staff Dan Cordell and Chris Hardwick have started their own UK-based studio: Wickerman Games.

The two founders came together to set up an indie studio “with the goal of making games we want to play that nobody seems to be making.” Those games will be RPGs, created with a new approach based around a core pen-n-paper inspired ruleset that allows the player as much freedom as possible. Emergent gameplay and choice will be key elements.

Wickerman have yet to announce an official project, but the studio website promises transparent development, with audiences being able to have access to prototypes, 3D content, and videos of the work throughout the development process. The team plan to show their progress on a weekly basis for free, sharing as much spoiler-free content as possible.

Aside from CD Projekt Red (where Cordell and Hardwick met), the team has experience gained at Codemasters, EA, Starbreeze, and The Chinese Room.

To keep up to date with Wickerman’s transparent development, you can follow the Wickerman Blog.

Thanks, VG247.