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F1 Race Stars PC demo out tomorrow


That’s Jenson Button there, captured in lifelike repose by the team at Codemasters. He and the rest of the rich boy racer crew are the titular stars of F1 Race Stars, out next Friday. But its demo, like Button, gets places quicker.

If there’s a common thread between Codies’ less successful games, it’s their failure to relinquish what they’re about in their aesthetic or within the first few minutes of play, beyond ‘cars’. That’s certainly not something you can accuse F1 Race Stars of, with its bobble-headed avatars and high-speed enthusiasm.

There’s a trailer below. It’s got power-ups in it, so you’ll need to be at least three-years-old to watch:

There’s no question that we’re very, very short of notable kart racers on PC. Will you be giving Race Stars a try?