Fable 4 will be at the Xbox Showcase, yes, really

Fable 4 is in the works from Forza creator Playground, and it will be at the Xbox Showcase alongside the Starfield Direct, we’re almost absolutely positive.

Fable 4 will be at the Xbox Showcase, for absolute real: A fantasy hero with long hair and a sword from RPG game Fable

Fable 4, the RPG game sequel, in the works from Forza Horizon creator Playground Games, will almost certainly feature at the upcoming Xbox Showcase. We’ve known about the existence of a new Fable game for a while now, but with the Showcase just over a week away, and details on Fable 4 still relatively rare, Microsoft seems to confirm that we’ll be seeing the return of Albion in full alongside the much-anticipated Starfield Direct. We only have clues, but they’re pretty obvious clues. Based on a recent Microsoft teaser, here’s what we’ve deduced, and what we might learn about the Fable 4 release date.

Ok, so Fable 4 is just the presumed title right now – it’s likely that the new Fable game will be called something slightly more inventive. We know it’s an RPG, and we know it’s coming from Playground.

In terms of the premise, it’s rumored that Fable 4 will include some kind of time-travel mechanics and take place across various points in Albion’s history. Oh, and speaking of Albion, the rumor mill also says that, in Fable 4, the picturesque, olde English world has been destroyed, and it will be up to you to somehow bring it back to life.

Now, in terms of the Showcase, Xbox just dropped a new teaser video with some pretty hefty hints. You can take a look below, and then we’ll dive into the details.

First of all, the glitter trail is a seeming nod to the light and fairy dust navigation line from the classic Fable games. Remember how if you got lost or needed to find an objective, there was a wavy line of glitter showing you where to go? We’re pretty sure the Xbox teaser is paying homage to that old Fable feature.

And then there’s the music. It’s hard to pin down the exact moment, but it sounds almost exactly like the theme to Bowerstone, the biggest, most central town in Albion, which opens the story of Fable 2. Listen to the teaser again, and then compare it to the Bowerstone theme below:

YouTube Thumbnail

I mean, come on. The glitter. The music. The fact that we already know Fable 4 is coming, and it’s in development by Playground, one of Xbox’s first-party darlings. Surely it’s got to be at the Showcase now. We’ll find out for sure on June 11.

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