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An “administration hiccup” on Xbox One has delayed Fable Fortune’s Early Access release

Fable Fortune

Despite Lionhead joining the choir invisible, Fable lives on. Development has been trucking along for the next game in the Fable world – titled Fable Fortune – after the cancelled Kickstarter last year, slowly bringing players in with a closed beta for a while. It was meant to be released publicly in just a couple of days, on July 11. But, because of the Xbox One release, that’s been pushed back.

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Announced on both the official blog and Steam, Fable Fortune’s Early Access launch date is no longer July 11, but July 25. The reason is that an “administration hiccup” has prevented the game from launching on July 11 on Xbox One, and without a simultaneous release, the cross-platform features will be missing.

So, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to see Fable as a card game. It also won’t be free yet – Fable Fortune will require you to buy a Founder’s Pack to play while it’s in Early Access. Once it leaves Early Access, which the team currently estimate will take three to six months, Fable Fortune will be free-to-play.

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