Fable Legends won’t be available on Steam, other Microsoft games in doubt

Fable Legends beta release date

Lionhead have revealed that Fable Legends will only be available on Windows 10 Store, clarifying the apparently misinformed view many had that it would simply be exclusive to Windows 10, but would still appear on the Steam Store. 

Not so, revealed Lionhead’s social media coordinator Lauran on Twitter:

And again, here:

Well, it doesn’t get much clearer than that. However, the news still comes as a bit of a surprise following Xbox Groups’ senior director Kevin Unangst telling PC Gamer earlier this month: “We are not intending to compete with Steam. If anything, we want Steam to be even more successful—they’ve done great things for PC gamers in terms of having a single store.

“Over time do we want more developers to come over to our store and offer it in addition to Steam? Absolutely. Is competition good for people? Absolutely. But our goal right now isn’t to do anything else other than support Steam and help it run great on Windows 10.”

However, another tweet from the same Liohead employee casts doubt on other Microsoft games finding their way to Steam:

If you want to play the likes of Halo Wars 2 and Sea of Thieves on PC, you may only be able to get them via Windows 10 Store. In happier news, if you’ve made the jump to Windows 10, you’ll be able to play the Fable Legends beta any day now.