Windows 10 users can play the Fable Legends beta this month

Fable Legends beta release date

Looking for a reason to go through the bother of finally upgrading to Windows 10? Well, Lionhead have announced the Fable Legends beta release date. The good news: it’s this month. 

Senior Community Manager for Lionhead Chris Hohbein said, “Our [Xbox One] Closed Beta kicked off late last year, and so far our growing community of Beta Testers have not just helped test the game, they’ve also proven to be an invaluable source of feedback, insights and ideas. We really can’t wait to bring some Windows 10 PC gamers into our already thriving community.”

And if you’re looking for more info on Fable Legends, Lionhead also just announced its 11th hero, Verse, a bard who seems to batter enemies with her lute (though we’re going to assume she plays it, too.)

With the game compatible across Windows 10 and Xbox One, there’s a bunch of players to join clearly, so if you’ve upgraded to Windows 10 (Remember, Windows 7 and 8.1 users can upgrade for free) you can head to the official site to register.