See Darude’s Sandstorm playing on a video player built in Factorio

Darude Factorio

Some genius has built a fully working video player in Factorio, the strategy game about production lines. How do you show off something as technically impressive as this? Well, you feed Darude’s Sandstorm through it, obviously. Check it out above. 

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The video player is full colour,has a 178×100 display, and 34MB of memory. “In theory it could run at 60 FPS, in practice it runs at 1 FPS in Factorio 0.14,” says creatorDaveMcW.

It’s made up of ten sections repeated to form one full-sized video player, with each section made of three parts: display, decoder, and memory. Here’s how that looks:

Factorio 10 sections

DaveMcW also uses a special combinator design to fit many different color signals on one wire. I really don’t understand how it works, but you can check out his forum post for the full lowdown.