Fae Farm is like Stardew Valley with fairies and I can’t wait

A whimsical farming game is coming this September and I don't know what I'm most excited for between its flutter-y fairy aesthetic and cozy vibes.

Artwork of Fae Farm depicting fairies flying through the sky while others catch bugs and talk on-ground

Fae Farm is one of those simulation games that feels as though it was literally made with players like me in mind. It combines my favorite mythical creatures, fairies, with my favorite style of gaming—cozy and wholesome. Phoenix Labs’ Fae Farm is set to whisk us off into a fantasy world in which we befriend animals, decorate, farm, and explore. This adorable indie adventure is made even more appealing with its inclusion of multiplayer functionality, meaning that I will get to show off my mushroom-themed furniture to all of my friends.

Much like a comfy blend between Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, Fae Faem has you customize and tend to your land in Azoria. You can also check out a variety of different environments as you explore and gather resources. Where Fae Farm deviates from those games, though, is where it introduces magic. To help restore the once-beautiful lands of Azoria, you will have to make use of the magic that you discover while exploring. The multiplayer options also make Fae Farm a little more unique, at least when compared to Animal Crossing, as you can experience the game fully with up to four friends.

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While I have known about Fae Farm for a good while now, I wasn’t aware that it would be coming to PC until today’s premiere trailer at the Summer Game Fest. As someone who likes to have all of her games in one convenient spot, the reveal was especially exciting. It will be coming to PC on September 8, and you can find it on both the Epic Games Store and Steam. This shimmery farming game is up for pre-order now, and you can grab it for $59.99 / £49.99.

A character creation screenshot taken from Fae Farm showcasing a variety of hairstyle options

There is also an extensive character creation sequence involving fairies of all things? Sign me and my sparkly inner wings up. You can catch all sorts of enchanting animals to look after? My barn is ready for every single fluffy creature available. I am so, unbelievably overjoyed for Fae Farm, typing this up is genuinely difficult as I squirm around in my chair hoping to close my eyes and wake up in September. From new crafting stations to specialized furniture, this is definitely going to be one of the cozy gaming community’s biggest releases yet.

A screenshot from Fae Farm depicting the inside of a barn area with fantastical animals surrounding a player character

If you are also a big fan of wholesome games, be sure to have a look at our list detailing some of the best games like Stardew Valley. You can also browse through our favorite farming games for a less specific look at what cozy gaming has to offer. It’s really exciting to see how far this niche community has spread and how many new comfy gameplay experiences are still yet to come.