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Take to the Skies of Azoria in Fae Farm’s new DLC, launching today

Farming games are typically kept on the ground because of all the dirt you need, but Fae Farm's Skies of Azoria DLC sends you to the clouds.

a happy - i want to say vampire? - farming up in the clouds

We all love a cozy farming simulator, don’t we? I actually find Stardew Valley a little stressful because I always try to min-max my crops, and the fact speedruns for it exist shock me. Still, there are plenty of others out there that offer a more laid back pace, like Fae Farm, which has just launched its latest DLC, Skies of Azoria. You can discover a whole new region up in the clouds in this new update.

Skies of Azoria takes place in Skyvale, a celestial realm that floats above the rest of Fae Farm. You get invited up there by its winged citizens because their patron Sprite, Gusto, seems moody. They believe that you can help by exploring a new dungeon, solving puzzles, and collecting rewards. This may be a farming game, but that’s not all it is, clearly.

As well as the new dungeon, there will be plenty of winged characters to meet, get to know, and potentially even romance. There are also new skills for you to master, recipes to learn, and potions to brew. Additionally, you’ll be able to be able to grab some new crops that you can take back to ground level to plant and remind you of your trip up into the sky.

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If you’ve already finished Fae Farm, then don’t worry, the story of Skies of Azoria can be enjoyed as a stand alone adventure. But, if you want to start a new farm, you can also do that, as it’s designed to intertwine with the main narrative. You can play it by yourself or with three others in online multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch players are getting this update for free, but PC players who only bought the standard version of Fae Farm will have to fork out $14.99 / £12.79 for this DLC. You can buy it on Steam, right here.

If farming isn’t your idea of a chill day, then there are lots of other relaxing games you can play instead. I actually find city building games quite relaxing. I like to make my layouts all pretty for my virtual residents.

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