Kickstarted card battler Faeria is now free-to-play


As of today Faeria, a Hearthstone style card game with a dynamic, malleable board, is now free-to-play. 

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Following a successful Kickstarter campaign that gathered more than 3,500 backers in 2013, the developers of Faeria, Abrakam, soon realised that their card game just couldn’t reach the audience they wanted it to with a premium entry barrier, so they decided to make it free.

You can’t really compete with Hearthstone with a full-priced card game, after all.

Released alongside the free-to-play version, update 0.8 also adds new single-player content in the form of puzzles and AI opponents. This is there to help all the new players along before jumping online – just like this video:

Faeria is free on Steam now.

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