Fall Guys might get a Horizon Zero Dawn crossover

Aloy aloy aloy, what's all this then?

A possible Fall Guys x Horizon Zero Dawn crossover may have been teased during the PlayStation Showcase this week. Eagle-eyed viewers spotted a Fall Guys character in an Aloy costume during the stream, and if true will be the second collaboration with a PlayStation game this year – following last month’s Ratchet and Clank event.

There were a lot of fantastic announcements at last Thursday’s PlayStation event, even for PC gamers – such as a remake of Star Wars classic Knights of the Old Republic and the long-rumoured reveal of an Uncharted Collection for PC. However, it’s in the most inconsequential part of the show that the Fall Guys tease was spotted.

The showcase began with a traditional weird live-action PlayStation ad showing an action-packed game of Chess, with the occasional Sony character in the background to remind people that it’s about PlayStation. As first spotted by LostMonkeee on Reddit, at the 0:34 mark two people parkour away from an Uncharted ad – however, it’s the bottom left corner viewers should focus on.

It’s a subtle tease, but as the picture below shows, there are posters showing a pudgy Fall Guys character wearing what is clearly an Aloy costume – complete with her hairstyle.

Aloy is coming to Fall Guys (bottom left corner) from FallGuysGame

Following the Ratchet and Clank event with a Horizon: Zero Dawn crossover in Fall Guys makes a lot of sense – probably more so than the likes of Nier: Automata and Ninja. The new Horizon game is coming up in February, and with Aloy already being added to Fortnite and even Genshin Impact, Fall Guys is a logical next step. See, it was worth paying attention to that awful ad, after all.