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Fall Guys has more players than Horizon Zero Dawn, Doom Eternal, and Sea of Thieves

Over 120,000 players were having a go at its peak

After a hugely successful beta, party game battle royale Fall Guys has had an even better launch. The multi-coloured multiplayer game has had peak concurrent players higher than several recent triple-A hits in its first week.

Pointed out by video games industry analyst Benji-Sales, Fall Guys’ concurrent players record on Steam is 124,772, which is more than Doom Eternal, Sea of Thieves, Resident Evil 3, and Horizon Zero Dawn. Not bad for a game developed, as Sales points out, by a team that only had 30 employees at its biggest. It should be noted, too, that these are just Steam numbers, not including the PlayStation 4 players, where Fall Guys launched as part of this month’s free games on PlayStation Plus. So, yeah, lot of people doing a lot of falling down this week.

That being said, maintaining this kind of mammoth launch hasn’t been without its trials. Fall Guys servers have been intermittently struggling, leading to them going down entirely, as players flood the platform game. Everything’s back to normal at time of writing, but do bear with developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital in the meantime.

Some Fall Guys players have been getting very creative in their methods to achieve and edge. One man resorted to using jelly beans, determined to win at least one crown using the makeshift controller.

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