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Fall Guys publisher is sorry for revoking legit Steam keys while fighting scammers

"We apologise unreservedly for our unfortunate error"

Fall Guys publisher Devolver Digital has issued an apology after accidentally revoking and refunding some players’ legit Steam keys for the multiplayer game. The publisher was trying to crack down on scammers who picked up Fall Guys codes for cheap by exploiting regional prices in Argentina. Unfortunately, however, this somehow led to some innocent players getting their new PC game taken off them.

“We made a mistake which resulted in the cancellation of legitimate keys purchased by our community, and we apologise unreservedly for our unfortunate error,” the publisher says in a post on its website. “Our team also recently adjusted the price in Argentina independent of this issue as the price Fall Guys launched at within the region was incorrect, leaving those who had their game revoked unable to re-purchase at its original price.”

If you have been affected, you should be able to recover your copy of Fall Guys by emailing support[@]devolverdigital.com, according to Devolver. You’ll need your details and the email address you used to buy the quirky battle royale game, however.

“Thank you for your support and apologies for the inconvenience,” Devolver says. “We promise to do better moving forward, and we will take care of all of the community that was affected.”

Affected Fall Guys players initially took to Reddit and Twitter to report the occurrence, showing screenshots of emails saying “the key [they] received belongs to a batch exploited by scammers looking to turn a quick profit”. Hopefully, however, this will now be dealt with.

Devolver is refunding keys bought in the official website, what’s going on? from FallGuys

The blip aside, Fall Guys has been a massive hit since it launched. The game racked up two million copies on Steam in its first week – legit or not. Jen also gave it praise in her Fall Guys review, and what better vindication is there than that? She says “Fall Guys’ ingenious game show royale formula is a recipe for success, and its gameplay is full-fat unadulterated fun”. Lovely stuff.