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Fall Guys gets its first new mini-game

The first Fall Guys update adds a new level and and makes some nice tweaks too

Fall Guys is the breakout hit of the summer, and with two million copies sold on Steam, it’s ready for its first update. The first Fall Guys patch adds a new level to the rotation, and fixes some weird physics problems that were occurring in certain rounds and making things even stranger and bouncier than intended.

The new level is a “fan favourite” from the Fall Guys beta called Jump Showdown. It’s a more demanding ‘spin’ on the existing Jump Club mode, in which you have to hop over a spinning arm that rotates at increasing speeds around a disk-shaped platform, where you and the rest of your jellybean buddies are all hanging out.

Jump Showdown is almost the same deal – there’s the disk, the rotating arm, and the upper, slower arm that can clothesline you if you don’t time your jump correctly. This time, however, the disk itself is made up of platforms that gradually get weaker and eventually plunge into the slime below, so you and the surviving Fall Guys have to scrunch together closer and closer as time goes on.

Fall Guys has opted to release the first update patch notes in tweet form, and here’s the start of the thread, which introduces Jump Showdown.

Here’s the rest of the patch notes, for those of you who (sensibly) can’t stand Twitter:

  • Lowered the weighting for Royal Fumble to add more final round variation
  • Fixed crash at launch with certain regional calendars set in the operating system
  • Improved messaging for matchmaking and server errors
  • Fixed physics behaving erratically at high framerate on levels like Tip Toe
  • Fixed crown in Fall Mountain not being grabbable in rare situations
  • Addressed some collisions in Block Party allowing players to bypass the blocks
  • Fixed Parties sometimes failing due to too many requests
  • Addressed some special characters causing display issues in player names
  • Fixed Big Tease Achievement not unlocking in specific regions
  • PC only – Fixed certain game controller models not being detected on PC

Our Fall Guys review is a delightful read for anyone who still hasn’t had a chance to try the game out or watch it on Twitch, where the battle royale game has also been doing crazy numbers since the beta.

Sadly, this patch doesn’t contain anything helpful if something has gone wrong with your jelly bean controller. If that’s what you’re using to play, you’re on your own.