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Fall in: Panzer General Online’s beta is open to all willing troopers

Panzer General Online

Ubisoft’s World War 2-themed turn-based strategy game Panzer General Online has smashed through the gates of closed beta and is now ready to be ambushed by any and every player interested in destroying enemy property in a courteous, one-at-a-time manner. 

Inspired by board games, Panzer General Online recreates historical battles using decks of cards. Each player creates a deck for use in turn based combat, and witnesses the carnage waged on a tiled board with Warhammer-like miniature models. Players can engage enemy AI in a campaign mode, or skirmish with other players. A new Skirmish 2.0 also offers pre-made decks for quick play.

Those wanting to sign up will require a medical check on their mouse-using hand, and then will have to proceed to the Panzer General Online website, where they can sign in using a uPlay account. The game is browser-based, so it should take barely any time to get your equipment signed off and head into battle.

Cheers, Joystiq.