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Earn your revenge in this retro noir immersive sim out now on Steam

Fallen Aces sends you looking for answers on the mean streets of Switchblade City with only your wits and a load of weapons to help you.

Earn your revenge in this retro noir immersive sim out now on Steam: A dapper gangster looks down at you under blue skies and in front of an expansive billboard.

Noir is an underserved genre in gaming. We’ve had games like L.A. Noire, Discworld Noir, and the first two Max Payne games giving us some hard boiled goodness but overall noir is thin on the ground. You’d think the types of tales about detectives and criminals circling each other as they fall into darkness would be more popular, but alas they’re relatively rare. Thankfully some developers are working on adding a little darkness and cynicism into the world and Fallen Aces is counted among that number.

That’s not to say Fallen Aces is a totally serious affair, even a quick glance at the game’s Steam page and you can tell that the developer has a very particular sense of humor. Billed as an FPS game but it definitely takes inspiration from immersive sims with the sheer amount of world interactivity it offers. Fallen Aces puts you in the boots of a member of the A.C.E.S squad, crime fighters who’ve been keeping the peace in your home of Switchblade City. A series of tragedies have befallen your team, however, with members turning up dead one after another. So it’s up to you to tool up, head out, and get some answers.

While you could be forgiven for thinking this is just a run and gun shooter with a cartoon retro aesthetic, it’s much more than that. Each level promises maximum replayability, with you being able to choose to go in loud or stealthily, varying your route and your loadout appropriately. There are tons of weapons to choose from, including your fists to improvised melee implements. Of course there are guns too, but it’s getting up and close and personal that I’m most looking forward to.

What really helps set Fallen Aces apart from other retro FPS titles is how it expresses itself. Combining a comic book style oozing noir griminess and a promised detailed storyline told through hand drawn panels, it feels like the best of the ‘90s wrapped up in the best of what modern gaming can bring to the table.

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Set over a planned three chapters, the first has just been released with Fallen Aces out now in early access. You can head over to the Steam page to check it out for yourself, where you’ll also be able to save 24% until Friday June 21.

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