Stunning space RTS Falling Frontier shows off its ship designer

A new video of the space RTS has shown off the Falling Frontier ship builder and designer.

Falling Frontier ship builder shown off in new video

It’s been a while since we’ve seen anything on the gorgeous-looking RTS game from Stutter Fox Studios, Falling Frontier – a space-bound strategy game very different from the likes of the Homeworld series. Now we’ve got a new look at the game that shows off some locations a little closer to home – as well as the RTS’s impressive-looking ship designer.

The last we heard of Stutter Fox’s strategy-space game, it received a delay from its original release plan of 2021 to this year. It’s currently down for a release in quarter 2, so between April and June 2022. Hopefully it will indeed hit during this time, as the ambitious RTS is looking a lot of fun – combining tactical RTS combat, a focus on winning battles with logistics and planning, an extremely pretty graphics engine, and ship design.

All of these traits are shown off in Falling Frontier’s latest trailer, “Sol” – so named because it focuses on battles and bases in our own solar system, although mostly around Jupiter and Mars.

You can check out the full trailer below. Aside from illustrating exactly how big a deal scouting an enemy out is before an attack, the video also shows off Falling Frontier’s ship designer and how players can customise the various craft in the game. You can see the various weapon slots but there’s also an option for “internal” design too.

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Also, it looks frickin’ beautiful, too. We’re suckers for starships emerging out of a cloud here at PCGamesN. Let’s cross our collective fingers for an April release date.