Fallout 3 gets huge HD overhaul, thanks to mod

Fallout 3, the sprawling Bethesda RPG game, gets a full HD overhaul courtesy of an ambitious new Fallout 3 mod, as we also prepare for the incoming Starfield.

Fallout 3 gets huge HD overhaul, thanks to mod: A feral ghoul from Bethesda RPG game Fallout 3 lunges towards the player

Fallout 3, Bethesda’s groundbreaking RPG game from all the way back in 2008, now looks better than ever thanks to a highly ambitious and very expertly made Fallout 3 mod. The full Fallout 3 HD overhaul transforms the apocalyptic Capital Wasteland from the ground up, adding detailed textures to interiors, exteriors, items, and creatures, with more improvements set to follow. If you’re looking for something to play while we wait on Starfield, or perhaps planning a revisit to Washington before Fallout 5, this is the perfect excuse.

Created by the modder ‘Luxor’, Fallout 3 HD Overhaul adds thousands of new textures to the Bethesda open-world game, ranging from 1K to 8K levels of detail. Buildings have been reskinned, inside and out; recurring world items have been given a very impressive coat of paint; and even creatures like the shellfish-y Mirelurks look better than ever. You can see a sample in the video below.

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Almost 15 years old now (ouch), Fallout 3 remains a watershed moment for the Bethesda-helmed RPG series. How fondly we remember our first trip to Megaton, and trying to clear out the Deathclaws in Old Olney. Actually, ‘fondly’ might be the wrong word for that one, but you get the drift – any excuse to go back to Fallout 3, and pop bandits with the Lincoln Repeater, and we’re there. Plus, we’ve been looking for something to do while waiting on the Starfield release date.

If you prefer Obsidian’s 2010 effort, the best Fallout New Vegas mods give the Mojave a lot of extra life, but it’s great to see Fallout 3 getting some much-deserved love, too. You can download Fallout 3 HD Overhaul right here.

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