Join us on YouTube, Fatebinder, as we pick the best companions from RPGs past

Best RPG companions

How many plotlines can you remember from the RPGs you’ve played in your life? Not many, huh. Now how about the companions who followed you through them?

Not unrelatedly, here are the best RPGs ever made. 

Great party members can make a role-playing game – and they certainly did in these eight cases. Come celebrate Minsc, Wrex, Nick Valentine et al in our latest video.

There are the obvious choices that have to be made: HK-47 is never going to get left off a list of top companions by any meatbag who prefers their sloshy organs on the inside. Then there are those you might be less familiar with: Sirin, the tortured, teenaged mind control expert from Tyranny. And Rhin, fresh from the excellent new Torment.

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