Bethesda set E3 conference for Sunday afternoon before the show proper

Bethesda E3 schedule

In a repeat of their antics from last year, Bethesda will be hosting their second ever E3 conference on the Sunday before the show, June 12th. There’s no word on what they’ll talk about, but the promo image you see above features Doom, Fallout and Elder Scrolls all very prominently. Last year was the debut of official footage of the Doom reboot, Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2 being announced and some smaller news sprinkled in.

We’ll only be adding to our ever-burgeoning list of upcoming games.

Beth’s independent approach to E3 was a big success last year, so much so that EA have decided to join them in running an early E3 conference. Our schedule now looks like this, with just two of the big six (Bethesda, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) announced.

Sunday 12th:

  • EA at 1pm PST / 9pm GMT / 4pm EST
  • Bethesda at 7pm PST / 3am Monday GMT / Midnight EST

Normally the other conferences would be spread across Monday-Wednesday, but it seems a move to a before-show schedule is being favoured. Sony and Microsoft will likely hold steady on their usual spots, but others scampering to get their news out before the big boys might be thinking well. Nintendo have stopped doing an on-stage presentation all together, opting instead of an E3 special Nintendo Direct.

As for Bethesda’s show, we’d expect talks of DLC coming to Doom and Fallout 4, while we’ll probably hear more about the Elder Scrolls cardgame, Legends, and Dishonored 2 if it hasn’t been released by then. That’s not quite enough to pack out a show though – so where’s your bet for the big talk? A new Elder Scrolls with a similar quick release plan to Fallout feels like it would be too soon. What the bits if id not working on Doom content are doing next, perhaps? A sequel or successor to The Evil Within? And what are the Wolfenstein folks doing next, anyway? We’ll find out come Sunday 12th.