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Bethesda’s advertising for positions on a “bleeding-edge RPG” - Fallout 5, Skyrim 2 or something new?

Bethesda hiring

A collection of new job listings have popped up on Bethesda’s site, each for positions on a team working at the “bleeding-edge” of RPG development. They provide a scant glimpse into what Bethesda’s new games might be like, as well as confirmation that no matter how different from what they’ve done before they may be, the studio isn’t going too far from their levellin’ ‘n’ lootin’ roots.

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You can see the open positions, most recently for two graphics programmers, a game programmer and an engine programmer, over on Zenimax’s careers site. Two are at the Rockville studios, while the other two are in Montreal, so likely working on different teams. Every listing makes mention of the same bleeding-edge RPG development environment, but it appearing on the newest ones is of note after Todd Howard’s comments at DICE.

GamesRadarhad a root around on LinkedIn to see what old team members are now up to. Plenty of unsurprising unannounced projects across old Skyrim team members, but some of the Fallout 4 folks are also on new things since November. It would seem that those not put onto DLC have now started on whole new games.

The various new postings are also across a variety of experience levels, with one demanding 7 years in the industry, another just a diploma and as much time spent working in an industry-like environment as possible. That would suggest they’re building out the teams at all levels, expanding development to make sure they can keep on top of as many projects at once as possible. It’s all speculation of course, and it’s possible these hirings are for mobile games – Fallout Shelter having proved immensely popular – and DLC development. But nevermind all that evidence and rational thought, let your imagination run wild on what Bethesda could be building in the comments below.