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You can now play Fallout 4 inside Dreams, and it’s amazing

Fallout 4 has never looked so dreamy

Dreams is one magical land of invention. Sadly, it’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive so we PC players can only look on at the wondrous creations of others in Media Molecule’s new game creation system – and they’ve been pretty astonishing so far. One particularly impressive example comes via user Robo Killer v2 who has recreated Fallout 4.

Twitter user Bjk394 has helpfully posted footage of the creation (which you can check out below), and as you can see, the RPG game’s been rendered really faithfully. There’s the fluorescent green PiP Boy UI text, post-apocalyptic Commonwealth streets strewn with wrecked cars, oil canisters, and rubble, and even the haunting ambient music of Bethesda’s game to make you feel at home. Well, sort of.

While it’s not the whole game, there are six free roam quests, as well as four minigames included in the Dream version, according to its page at the Dreams site. The user says to “expect slow framerate” and recommends enabling “‘Higher framerate’ from ‘My preferences'” in the game, but from the look of the video, you can indeed “step into the wasteland and experience Fallout in Dreams!”

Get a look at creator Robo Killer v2’s Dreams Fallout 4 project below:

Dreams isn’t available on PC, of course, but if you like tinkering with your games, and you like RPGs, you might like our list of the best Fallout 4 mods in 2020.

Additional reporting by Oscar Dayus.