Epic Fallout 4 battle replicates 300 with Brotherhood of Steel soldiers and Deathclaws


Transport the Battle of Thermopylae 2767 years in the future and relocate it to post-apocalyptic downtown Boston – 300 Spartans replaced with Brotherhood of Steel soldiers and 30,000 Deathclaws taking the place of the Persian Empire. That’s Fallout 4 modder Cosmic Contrarian’s vision, which he’s brought to life in an epic 18 minute battle featuring lasers, Vertibirds, Liberty Prime and a whole lot of teeth.

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Set up as the Brotherhood of Steel homebase, albeit relocated to Boston Airport, the battle takes the tone of a valiant last stand on the part of the Brotherhood. Even with the aid of Vertibirds and Fallout 3’s Liberty Prime on the scene to keep the horde at bay, the battle is fiercely contested right up to the final few fighters.

This is the most recent in a number of Cosmic Contrarian’s grandiose Fallout 4 face-offs, who has previously pitted 100 Minutemen against 2,000 Mirelurks, and forced 10,000 ghouls to duke it out with 300 super mutants. So here’s hoping there are more of these on the way. I’m crossing my fingers for an army of Dogmeats descending on small contingent of Aliens.