Fallout 3 comes to Fallout 4 to celebrate Creation Club’s second birthday

The launch is due to arrive September

It looks like you’ll soon get to bring a little bit of Fallout 3 to your Fallout 4 game with some upcoming Bethesda Creation Club content. The studio has just announced a Creation Club release that will bring a location that you might recognise from the third game in the series to the fourth – the Galaxy News Radio building plaza.

In a post on Bethesda’s website celebrating the Creation Club’s two-year anniversary with news of a big sale, the studio also reveals what’s headed for Fallout 4: “fight the good fight in the capital wasteland.” The post says you’ll get to “travel to GNR Plaza in DC to stop an incursion of Commonwealth mercenaries, attracted by an unfortunate call for aid.”

On top of this, the post reveals that this “is one of our biggest FO4 adventures yet, and includes over eight new armors inspired by FO3.” There doesn’t appear to be any detail beyond this information just yet, but it looks like you can check out what some of these Fallout 3-inspired armours might look like in the post.

What is the Fallout 3 GNR Plaza?

The GNR Plaza from Fallout 3 was the scene of the Galaxy News Radio and Following in His Footsteps main story quests, and a base for military order the Brotherhood of Steel.

In addition to this content, some other new Fallout 4 creations on the way include “a battle to retake Quincy from the Gunners, a high-tech combat rifle, and vault suit customisation options.” It’ll also be adding some workshops in new locations.

If you’re keen to jump back into Fallout 3’s GNR plaza, Bethesda says that it expects the next Creation Club launch to arrive September, but there’s no specific date given just yet. In the meantime, you can read about how Ben became a prisoner of his own Fallout 4 settlement in Sanctuary Hills.