Fallout 4 achievement list looks like spoilers if you squint a bit

Fallout 4

There’s a kind of automatic ARG that occurs with every massive game nowadays, whereby achievement names appear online and we try to guess what on scorched Earth’s going on with them. We’re going to play that game now with Fallout 4, which has some intriguing titles buried among its 51 arbitrary success markers.

Here’s everything we know about Fallout 4 – system requirements, mods and all.

The key quest titles collated on Exophase are particularly ambiguous, although we can guess that ‘Nuclear Family’ might refer to the brief part of Fallout 4 played in pre-bombed Boston, and that ‘Enter The Wasteland’ pops up once you emerge from Vault 111 after the event. The likes of ‘Unlikely Valentine’, ‘Institutionalized’ and ‘Mankind Redefined’? Intrigued, but no idea.

There are achievements for joining factions, namely the Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad – who featured in Fallout 3 as slave-liberators – and the Commonwealth Minutemen. The image for ‘When Freedom Calls’ appears to show potential companion and Minuteman Preston Garvey in need of rescue.

There are to be at least five different companions, and we can surmise they’ll be more talkative than Fallout 3’s – since it’s possible to reach a ‘Maximum Relationship Level’ with a follower. There are rewards for maintaining macro relationships too – reaching maximum happiness in a large settlement, and allying with three settlements at once.

Beyond that, there’s more confirmation of Bethesda’s commitment to making every object in the game a component part for something. Achievements recognise players who gather 1000 crafting resources, assemble 100 items, and piece together 100 creations in the workshop.

Elsewhere there’s, um, sports. ‘Homerun!’ and ‘Touchdown!’. Red Sox references surely abound.

Most spoilerific of all is ‘Decide the Fate of the Commonwealth’. It seems Boston’s future will be a multiple choice question at the end of the campaign. Are you ready to hop into your boiler suit and answer it?

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