This Fallout 4 weapon mod lets you wreak destruction with orbital lasers

A mod adds an Archimedes-II orbital strike to Fallout 4

While Bethesda moves on to Fallout 76, you can always count on modders to keep the studio’s single-player games filled with new content and ways to play. One of the most notable recent additions is Archimedes-II, a laser rifle with orbital strike capabilities that might just remind you of the New Vegas days.

Archimedes-II is a “multi-purpose weapons platform” with three firing modes. The Flare Charge lets you charge up a shot similar to a gauss rifle, while the Dissipator fires a constant beam of energy. Both modes will leave a trail of fire in the wake of those shots, just in case you need a bit of extra flaming destruction to take the opposition down.

But the extra cool option is the Orbital Designator, which allows you to use a laser pointer and designate the position of an orbital strike for a truly explosive blast. You’ve got a 24 hour cooldown on this ability. Of course, this is a mod, so if you want to get silly you can – you’ve got the option to disable limiters and call down those strikes repeatedly for a nonstop carnival of destruction.

You can grab Archimedes-II over at Nexus Mods. The Orbital Designator builds off a similar item in Fallout: New Vegas, but that weapon worked purely as a laser target – no options for other modes of attack while you wait for the satellites to recharge.

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Capital Wasteland is back on target, if you’re looking for an even more substantial addition to your Fallout 4 experience. The Bethesda mod community shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.