Fallout 4 battle pits 20,000 robots against settlements, giant mechs and helicoptors


The Fallout 4 Battles series on YouTube has proved a constant source of entertainment, as different bits of Fallout’s huge cast are slammed together for our amusement and their digi-deaths. Locations from the game are used as set-pieces for fights between various factions, usually involving tens of thousands of combatants. This go round it’s a legion of robots invading human settlements.

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In it, you’ll see the power of explosive weapons and the foolishness of building your battle robots out of crash test dummies. Also: whether one titan is better than a thousand little chaps, and what happens when you hit the future-Hindenburg with a laser blast. Spoilers: nothing pretty.

While Bethesda’s AI scripts clearly struggle with the sort of mass combat they were never designed for, I think it’s safe to say that those turrets aren’t too balanced in the eternal war between robots in chokepoints and men on walls. Shame about a bit of the slowdown too, but there comes a point with physics objects where your processor’s going to want a breather no matter how many gigawatts you have running through it.

The creator, British YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian, says in the comments it took him upwards of 80 hours to set it all up, decide what angles to film, edit it and apply the post-processing. The vast majority wasn’t the filming itself, but everything around it, especially creating the introduction with the robots marching. I would have synced the drop of Hellmarch with the battle starting personally, but also never would have had the patience to spend the time creating something so massive, so fair enough.

He calls this the season 1 finale of the series, his best video yet and isn’t sure when he’ll follow it up. His next project involves some larger battlefields, so he’s looking for people willing to build bases and terrain for him to blow up. Think your creations worthy? Pop him an e-mail, as he details in this comment.