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Fallout 3 gets ported to the Fallout 4 engine in the Capital Wasteland mod

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Fallout: New Vegas isn’t the only wasteland wandering simulator getting updated to modern standards, as Bethesda’s own Fallout 3 is getting an extensive mod bringing into the Fallout 4 Creation Engine.

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Capital Wasteland will bring all of Fallout 3’s world, content, and quests to the new engine, including all the weapons, armor, and NPCs you’d expect from the bombed-out Washington. The new trailer shows off everything from Megaton to the Capitol Building, and it’s all looking quite nice - especially with some of that sweet Liam Neeson voiceover bringing it home.

The mod won’t feature any of the extra DLC locations, except for those areas that are part of the main world, though it’s possible that could change once the main mod is finished. It also won’t be bringing Fallout 4’s settlement system back into the capital wasteland, though you will have some expanded choices for player housing.

This one doesn’t have anything to do with the Fallout 4: New Vegas mod, but history has shown that scores of Bethesda (and Obsidian) fans are willing to keep on porting old content to new engines, and it shouldn’t be surprising that Fallout 3 is next on the list.

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llubtoille Avatar
1 Month ago

There's a recent interview with the project lead on youtube that's kinda interesting.

WhiteCrow Avatar
1 Month ago

Nice! Thanks for the heads up.