Fallout 4 infinite money glitch reboots the Boston economy

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Why worry about the financial stability of the wasteland? There’s nothing left to crash. Let the bottle caps flow, with a little help from an oblivious vendor. Take everything you can, until Bethesda inevitably step in and change the rules.

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You won’t even have to go particularly far out of your way to take advantage. The glitch seems to be compatible with most traders wandering Bethesda’s scorched land. Simply buy up all ammo of a certain type, and sell back one of the rounds.

Then, sell back all of your remaining rounds. For whatever reason, one round will fail to transfer to the vendor. You can then sell that magical bullet as if it were an unlimited stack, completely emptying your victim’s pockets of bottle caps.

You can exploit the trick further by offering more rounds that the vendor can possibly afford, before adding any items you fancy to the table and accepting the trade. Or by sleeping for 24 hours, at which point the poor seller’s supply of bottle caps will replenish. Are you shameless enough to clear their shelves?