Fallout 4 is now ready to pre-load


It’s almost time to enter the wasteland again. Unless you live near a naughty shop (not like that), you won’t be playing Fallout 4 just yet. However, you can stuff all of the data on your hard drive, ready for the big day on November 10. 

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To get it pre-loaded, you first need to have pre-ordered a copy (obviously), and you also need 23.8 GB of space. If you’ve completed both of those steps, you’re ready to go.

Now all that’s left is for you to stock up on Nuka Cola for November 10, maybe some Jet and Psycho – anything to keep you awake, because you’re not going to be doing much sleeping Tuesday night.

Obviously I’m not condoning substance abuse. These substances aren’t even real, just like the in-game characters you’ll so happily maim. Try not to do that in real life, either. Cheers.