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New Vegas’ character creator now works in this Fallout 4 mod project

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Fallout 4: New Vegas is a total conversion mod that aims to bring all of Fallout: New Vegas into the more modern Fallout 4 engine. It’s a tall order, for sure, but the team behind F4NV has now shown off New Vegas’ character creation process running in the newer engine.

As you’ll recall, Fallout: New Vegas opens with you, the ‘Courier,’ being shot and left for dead in the desert outside New Vegas. When you come to, you find yourself in the home of one Doc Mitchell, the resident physician in the village of Goodsprings. You work out your character traits and abilities as you answer the doctor’s questions about how you’re feeling, running through a Rorschach inkblot test and a session with the antique Vit-O-Matic Vigor Tester machine.

That’s all present now in Fallout 4: New Vegas, now with high-res visuals and the updated facial and character animations introduced with Fallout 4. It’s still a work in progress, of course, and the roughness of the older games is certainly visible in this rebuilt version.

The modders behind F4NV have just published a 10-minute video showing their work on recreating the New Vegas character creation progress in action, which you can watch right here:

Notable is the voiceover for Doc Mitchell, which the team has re-recorded with a new actor to comply with Bethesda’s requirements for projects like this. The new dialogue is pretty spot-on, at least if my own memory of New Vegas serves me.

The project is still seeking voice actors, in fact, and if you’d like to audition you can apply at this Casting Call Club page. They’ll want to know about what recording equipment and experience you have if you apply.

Ambitious overhauls like this one don’t always make it through to the end, but Fallout 4: New Vegas is pulling talent from a lot of passionate modders. It’ll be worth keeping an eye on.