Meet Nuka-World’s cartoon mascots in this new Fallout 4 trailer

Fallout 4

A new trailer has been released for Fallout 4’s final story expansion, Nuka-World, showing off the theme park’s cartoon mascots. 

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Nuka-World introduces a new irradiated theme park location, taking you through its different sectors, including Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone.

You can take it all back from the Raiders and make it your own, becoming the leader of your own gang and sending them out into the wastes to murder and pillage.

This being the last story DLC for Fallout 4, you can expect plenty of new quests, along with the usual dollop of morally questionable choices.

There’s also an archived livestream showing off the first hour or so, if you don’t mind spoilers. It looks very shooty.