Fallout 4 player loses head to a deathclaw and survives


Fallout 4 being a big, ambitious Bethesda game, it was only a matter of time before we started seeing bugs, and I’m not talking about irradiated cockroaches. So far we’ve seen screens of floating animals, Dogmeat swimming in the air, bizarre physics bugs, and more. 

While it might not be perfect, Fallout 4 still made its way into our best PC RPGs list.

Bugs generally come in two categories: game breaking, or entertaining. This latest one from YouTuber ‘postbroadcast’ falls into the latter category.

While dungeon crawling, our unfortunate narrator stumbled upon an angry deathclaw that lashed out with its claws and teeth. Managing to escape, he realised he was crippled on the head, but no stimpacks would cure him.

After checking his stats, he saw that his perception was at zero. Something was amiss. You should really see the rest for yourself.

Check out the rather funny video below: