Fallout 4 player searches the seas for secrets so you don’t have to, surfaces after 30 hours

Fallout 4

Chances are, at some point during your wanderings in a multi-purpose power suit, you’ve plunged yourself underwater and discovered you can potter around quite happily on the river bed. The water’s murky, though, and it takes a special kind of dedication to see Fallout 4’s wettest environs in their entirety, “from the smallest of puddles to the depths of the ocean floor”.

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lavonicus explored the depths over 30 hours or more, documenting much of the process on imgur. From the sounds of it, we’ve all been saved a great deal of time.

“If you are looking for special items, new easter eggs and an underwater vault, then you will be disappointed with what you find here,” said the explorer, employing an enticing sentence structure that started with possibility and ended with crushed hopes.

“You will find various safes, [chests] and other locked boxes to loot. Nothing extreme. Some are things you would not normally see and are neat to visit.”

The highlights have been a few repeated Jaws easter eggs, a mysterious sphere with writing on its side, various red and green chests, and what lavonicus thinks might be a “potential underwater area in a future DLC”. Fallout’s only oceanographer is planning to produce maps for anybody who fancies following in their footsteps; in the meantime, you can see what’s down there for yourself via a number of fuzzy photos.

What’s the oddest easter egg you’ve seen in Fallout 4 thus far?