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Fallout 4 player searches the seas for secrets so you don't have to, surfaces after 30 hours

Fallout 4

Chances are, at some point during your wanderings in a multi-purpose power suit, you’ve plunged yourself underwater and discovered you can potter around quite happily on the river bed. The water’s murky, though, and it takes a special kind of dedication to see Fallout 4’s wettest environs in their entirety, “from the smallest of puddles to the depths of the ocean floor”.

Rather keep dry and warm? These are the coziest Fallout 4 settlements we've seen.

lavonicus explored the depths over 30 hours or more, documenting much of the process on imgur. From the sounds of it, we’ve all been saved a great deal of time.

“If you are looking for special items, new easter eggs and an underwater vault, then you will be disappointed with what you find here,” said the explorer, employing an enticing sentence structure that started with possibility and ended with crushed hopes.

“You will find various safes, [chests] and other locked boxes to loot. Nothing extreme. Some are things you would not normally see and are neat to visit.”

The highlights have been a few repeated Jaws easter eggs, a mysterious sphere with writing on its side, various red and green chests, and what lavonicus thinks might be a “potential underwater area in a future DLC”. Fallout’s only oceanographer is planning to produce maps for anybody who fancies following in their footsteps; in the meantime, you can see what’s down there for yourself via a number of fuzzy photos.

What’s the oddest easter egg you’ve seen in Fallout 4 thus far?

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Shriven avatarTovias avatarFraser Brown avatarPsycold avatarAnAuldWolf avatar
Shriven Avatar
Shriven(9 hours played)
2 Years ago

Some guy No clipped the tower. It says;

"New! Nuka cherry try one today!" it is a water tower that they reused or something.

Tovias Avatar
2 Years ago

Disappointing and yet unsurprising.

Seems like all their effort went to dressing up teddy bears.

Fraser Brown Avatar
Psycold Avatar
Psycold(5 days played)
2 Years ago

I ended up falling and getting stuck in the water while wearing my power armor, after wandering around the murk for about 30 seconds I got bored and reloaded my previous save. I have no idea how someone could do this for 30 hours.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I know it's an old trope, but... I suspect modders will put so many interesting things in that world. When you look at the brilliant quest additions to Fallout 3 by puce moose, that actually gave it some kind of enjoyable story, and the Better New Vegas mod which fixed the empty world of Fallout: New Vegas?

It'll be made better.

Unfortunately, the only thing that can't really be fixed on a large enough scale is the story. The modded content for Fallout 3 provided the best written content for it, hands down, this is fairly inarguable if you've played some of the Fallout 3 quest mods. The problem is though is that in a game the size of Fallout 3, that's merely a blip. Which is why I'd prefer to have someone writing a brilliant story and putting it in an empty world.

Modders can fix a world that needs millions of structures added to it. They can't fix a lack of interesting quests. And that's been my bugbear.

Go here. Kill people. Go here. Kill people. Go here. Kill people. Go here. Kill people. New Vegas? Go here, run through a battlefield with a stealthboy and talk a general into having his entire bloody army retreat thus defusing the war without getting your hands bloody once.

In fact, it's so possible to play New Vegas non-lethally that I did. Yes! I did. I used knock out weapons, and I just had a mod that allowed me to loot knocked out people. That's it.

You can finish New Vegas, all of the base game content, without causing a single death. That's bloody marvellous. It's incredible is what it is. You can stealth boy, knock people out, sneak around, and it's fantastic. You could even hang out and watch a bunch of baby deathclaws follow their mother around, while chilling out after a long day's questing.

I don't know. It was just a different experience.

Contrast with how, in Fallout 4, I can pacify an entire area. An entire area. An entire area. An entire area. Sorry, I needed to stress that. So, here I am, with a bunch of raiders whom I've taught the error of their evil ways. The 100 per cent chance to pacify mod (of my own making), and the permanent pacification mod someone else made? Boom. Done. No killing...

EXCEPT... DUN DUN DUNNNN~! You have to. So, there's this raider who's now committed to give up his life of raiding and seek out a more peaceful life for whatever of it remains, and his buddies... And I have to kill them.

The area's not safe, says the quest! Yes it bloody well is! I pacified every raider, every super mutant, every animal within a huge radius. So I saved and went about terrible, awful work to confirm my suspicions.

I killed the poor, pacified, now pacifistic raiders. It felt horrible. This isn't want pacifist is supposed to mean. It doesn't mean you punch people to death to create peace. A horrid joke.

And that's how all the quests are. All of them. I've kind of given up on the game and I'm just dicking around, now. I'm exploring, building up settlements, and just running away from gunfights. I'm not doing any quests. I don't want to.

Maybe someone will make it so that if you pacify everyone in an area, it counts as 'killing' them. Maybe then it could be a game I might be able to enjoy. As it is, though? Go here. Kill people. Go here. Kill people. It's hard to fix that.

Modders can make a boring world interesting, just you watch them and see when the Creation Kit arrives, but they can't actually fix a world that's fundamentally idiotic and based around nothing but mindless violence.

But I do want to see them try.