Fallout 4’s Jason Bourne might be tougher than cinema’s Jason Bourne

Fallout 4 Jason Bourne

Anyone who tuned into the Super Bowl on Sunday evening – or anyone who visited social media the following morning – will now know that the fifth forthcoming movie from the Bourne series is called, simply, Jason Bourne, and that it’s due for release this July. The 30 second trailer, that aired during the 50th annual NFL championship, was admired by one Fallout 4 fan so much that he’s recreated it in the wasteland.

Creative types have been adding their own spin to the Commonwealth for months – look no further than our best Fallout 4 mods and you’ll see what I mean.

Even that one punch knockout has been treated to the post-apocalyptic treatment here. Look, see:

Okay, so it’s not perfect, but the video, created by Mark Hamlin, retells the 30-second cinematic which includes an underground fight club-type scene, a fair few explosions, a dawning realisation, some lonely contemplation and, again, that semi-naked knockout at the end. I think it’s pretty great.

Then again, I think both Fallout 4 and the Bourne series are pretty great so perhaps I’m gushing. For comparison’s sake, here’s the actualBourne trailer. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.