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Fallout 4 trailer for Charisma is all about getting more friends


“But how DO I get more friends?” wonders the latest Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video shortly before a radioactive bear licks the face off poor ol’ Vault Boy. To be honest, having half your face rotted into a mess of fried neurons and discarded nerve endings is probably a great conversation starter. “So how did that happen?” they’ll ask, before you launch into a well-rehearsed story that explains the various circumstances that lead to the end of the world and you being tied naked to a stake in someone’s back garden. Few ever see the bear twist coming.

Anyway, here’s the video:

I’m still somehow not tired of this faux-50s-advice-video style satire that Bioshock and Fallout both do so well. It’s a big well of the funnies that takes the piss out of everything from the game itself to our own, very stupid history. Loving the animation in this year’s iteration.

As for what it may be hinting at for the game itself, clearly Charisma will be having the usual Bethesda effect of making transactions in stores more in your favour. Convincing characters you ain’t so bad after all for less violent solutions to infiltration and theft in in there too. Plus with the various companions in Fallout 4 – not to forget lovely Dogmeat– to convince to join your cause, it’ll be vital all over the place.

Of course so will all the others, plus the three stats we haven’t even come to yet: Intelligence, Agility and Luck. Thus the RPG continues ever onwards in its min-maxing, option-giving style. What are you planning to stack 10 in on your first run and why is it inevitably Luck?